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Our Products >> Veterinary medicines >> INJECTIONS >> Vitamin AD3E

Vitamin AD3E


Vitamin AD3E

Each ml of injection solution contains:
Vitamin A------8000000 i.u.
Vitamin D3-----4000000 i.u.
Vitamin E-------2000 mg

Combination of vitamins in preparation has a significant part for maintenance of many life processes in an organism. Vitamin A is essential for normal structure and activity of eptihelial cells, an integral part of sight pigments of rhodopsin and iodopsin, it is necessary for growth (especially bones), reproduction and embryonal development, and as a cofactor it participates in various biochemical reactions such as synthesis of cholesterol, dehydration of hydroxysteroids, activation of sulfates, mycrosomal demetilation and hydroxylation of drugs in liver.
Vitamin D3 regulates metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. It improves the resorption of calcium, and with calcium, phosphorus from bowels as well, and the mobilization of these two ions from bones, for the purpose of maintenance of homeostasis of this element in blood and body liquids. In addition to it, cholecalciferol is also included in magnesium metabolism.
Vitamin E is specific anti-oxidative agent. It prevents the oxidation and prolongs the biological half-life of half-protected fat acids, it enhances the resorption and improves exploitation of retinol, stabilizes cellular membranes and has effect on metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral substances and water.
Besides, Vitamin E is necessary for normal function of endocrine glands, especially hypophysis, suprarenal and sexual glands.

The drug is indicated in young animals in the phase of more rapid growth, in animals with high productive results, in the course of gravidity and lactation, to reduce the stress and as a supportive therapy in various fattening, infectious and parasitic diseases. In addition, in hypo and avitaminosis, degenerative myopathy, dystrophy of the liver, rickets, osteomalacia, tetany, keratitis, night sight, sterility in females and convalescence.

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